Diet Soda Risks

About a year ago, I stopped drinking diet soda.  I have become more conscious of my choices regarding not only sugar substitutes, but also the amount of sugar in everyday products.  I was surprised when reading the labels how many items have sugar, or sugar substitutes in them including things such as tomato sauce. 


Here is an article showing the most recent research on the effects of sugar substitutes.  I found it really interesting.

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  • You know the other thing about soda, and diet soda is the plastic.  Over the past year or so my knowledge of the damage these platic bottles are causing has drastically changed what I drink.  I used to grab a "soda" or water at the gas station or whatever.  Not anymore.  In fact, have there really are so few alternatives there that it isn't uncommon to even find a beverage not in plastic bottles. 

    I have gone over the fountain now, filled up an cup with ice, and added water.  sometimes they give it to me free, sometimes I pay.  I figure it all comes out even in the end. 

    We have some info on the web page here on plastic.  it is in the environmental self defense group if anyone is interested.

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