Dane Niederman's Black Belt Essay & Goals

My Heroes...

My ultimate role model and my superhero, is my DAD! He works hard everyday to ensure I have what I need to be successful. He loves me with all his heart and I hope he knows I love him too. He’s done so much to enrich and create an amazing life for me and my family. Thank you Dad! With that said, there are a few other people I look up to because they have also had a positive impact on my life. They have achieved great things by overcoming a HUGE obstacle, an obstacle I’m very familiar with….
1. Sir Richard Branson: an entrepreneur, business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist. He was knighted by Charles, Prince of Wales on March 30, 2000 for his “services to entrepreneurship”. He is also the founder of several businesses bearing the Virgin name; Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines & Virgin Cruise Line.
2. Steven Spielberg: famous director, film producer, and mastermind of some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces in history. Considered one of the pioneers of the NEW Hollywood era he produced and directed hits like Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Transformers, and Men in Black.
3. Will Smith: famous actor and rapper. In 2007 Will Smith was considered the most powerful actor in Hollywood. His body of work includes hits Men In Black, Hancock, and Independence Day.
4. Tom Cruise, famous actor and producer. He is one of the best-paid actors in the world. You may recall a few of his movies…Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Minority Report, and Jack Reacher. He’s also been nominated to three Golden Globes and three Academy Awards.
5. My Mom! She’s awesome, fun, carts me around from activity to activity plus she’s one of the top performing sales representative for her company. She graduated with honors from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communication, Film Studies and Journalism. She was a writer and producer for many years at a big TV station in Chicago.

Why do I look up to these people? I look up to them because they all have then one BIG thing in common with me, Dyslexia! I struggle with dyslexia everyday, but knowing the people I listed above made a difference in the world proves to me I can make a difference in the world too.
…And that’s exactly what I plan to do!

Black Belt Goals:
1) Upon having reached my black belt goal, I’m certain my future training here at MIMA (and beyond) will give me the tools I need to be the best role model and leader I can be.
2) I would like to be a helpful, trustworthy, and supportive black belt, one that the younger students can look up to.

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