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How martial arts gets me through my week....

I have what can be a very exhausting job. I spend much of my time as a palliative medicine physician helping the sickest patients cope with their illnesses, support their families through their illness, and balance the delicate line between hope and reality. I see a lot of patients transition though the last days of their lives. I see reconciliations, lives well lived, peace; I also see mourning of lost time, regrets of things not done, and fear of the unknown. All of these things give me perspe

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Sexual Assault Prevention: 1 in 6

1-in-6%20copy.jpg44% of victims are under age 18

80%    are under age 30

What can we do?  

Be prepared.  Getting training, building oneself up mentally and emotionally, gaining confidence, having a few good, go to moves.   Being trained in avoidance, in knowing what one will do or not do.  

I have worked with so many women, and girls, AFTER they have been assaulted.   I am currently of the opinion, that self-defense training, and foundations in education regarding prevention ought to be as common as learning

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Kyo Sa Nim's Question Corner 2

love,icanread,ins,admire,inspire,self,expression-eb5db61949cc77a833a1e5a6e46f16c2_h.jpg?width=350During the past few weeks the words inspire/inspiration have been appearing in my life, more than usual.  So, I looked it up, the definition of inspire/inspiration, it is stimulation of the mind, feelings, influence to motivate, to affect or touch, to spark something special or unusual activity or creativity.
After looking up the definition, I proceeded to get lost in thoughts about amazing individuals who have inspired me and one particular individual, has been on my list for years.  She has se

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Self-Defense is Found in the Simple Things

Kindness-in-words-creates-confidence.jpg We teach self-defense --and self-defense is found in the simplest of things. Kindness, for example is a beautiful form of self-defense. Good food --and the appreciation of it; there’s a fine, fine kind of self-defense.


Oh, and how about love of community? Participation in --and love for --one’s community is a kind of self-defense that’s impossible to put a value on. And my favorite kind of self-defense is found in a simple rule, The Golden Rule, which I like with a bit of a twist:

Respect othe

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You didn’t start your study of the martial arts to “go through the motions” of it all, did you? Of course you didn’t, but look around you in your next class and I’ll bet you spot a number of your classmates doing that very thing, going through the motions. It’s human nature to get distracted, to multi-task, and wander off course.

To deepen and strengthen your practice so that you stay on the mark and make reasonable progress, I offer you these 10 time-tested, Tom-tested tips:

1. As often as you c
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Black Belt questions

1. What are my goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?


My first goal is to become a second dan before I graduate from high school. I look forward to mentoring future students working toward their black belt. In martial arts I learned to focus which helps me in fencing and in school.

2. What kind of black belt will I be?  (what kind of example do I expect to set?)


The kind of black belt I want to be is one that stands up for my community when someone i

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By REPORTER STAFF 3820639901?profile=original
Mercer Island Reporter Staff
December 6, 2011 · 11:32 AM

Locally owned and operated Mercer Island Martial Arts collected and donated 1,000 pounds of food for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, exceeding last year's 600 pounds.

This is the 10th year that MIMA has held the food drive with its "Homework Challenge." Kids who complete 21 days in a row of homework (or reading for the day if they don't have homework) are homework winners. The kids are then qualified to break

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  3820636575?profile=original There aren't many things that I enjoy more than a good heart pounding workout.  I try to mix things up so that I don't get bored, which happens easily.  Running, hiking, trail running, biking, lifting weights, annoying my fiancee...just to name a few that I cycle through most often.  Then there's the one that I do daily at the Dojang and the one that I would like to invite you to. 

   Currently we are doing a noon class on Thursday's.  So far we have a handful of people coming regularly but it

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